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Rallycross has become the fastest-growing motorsport in the world!

These little cars are loud and fast. Races are quick and explosive. The metal-crunching, door-to-door action brings drivers from around the world to get behind the wheel of the 600-horsepower beasts that go zero to 60 in under two seconds.

Rallycross has been popular in Europe for decades. It was created in England as a way to capture the action of rally for both spectators and television by using a closed-circuit track.

Fast forward to 2013…

A new promoter, IMG, took over the European Rallycross Championship with plans to update the group’s image and take the series global. The name was changed to RallycrossRX. And in 2014, their global ambitions came to fruition as the World Rallycross Championship was born.

Are you ready to explore the world of rallycross?

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