Tanner Foust Earns First Win of Season


Red Bull Global Rallycross, the fastest growing motorsport in the U.S.,  kicked off its 2016 season today in Phoenix, AZ at WildHorse Pass Motorsports Park.  This weekends doubleheader saw Tanner Foust earn the first victory of the season for Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross.  VARX dominated the day with Foust and teammate Scott Speed winning a two heats each.  Foust then went on to win the first semifinal after a tough battle against Honda Civic Red Bull Olsbergs MSE driver and 2014 champion, Joni Wiman.

In the second semifinal Speed had a difficult time shaking Patrik Sandell (Bryan Herta Rallysport) and Chip Ganassi Racing driver, Brian Deegan, from his bumper. The trio had an intense battle but in the end it was Speed who took the victory.

During the final Foust held the lead from beginning to end taking total command of the track.  “I like the track!” Foust said after capturing his record-setting eighth Supercar victory. “It’s a real Jekyll and Hyde kind of a track. You’ve got the road course, where you need to be real buttery smooth, and you’ve got that chaotic gravel when you are coming over the jump with tire stacks at 80 miles per hour. So there is a lot of the fun factor and technical spots!” – Red Bull Global Rallycross

Speed, after some damage from hard contact during the final, ended up with a mechanical issue bringing him from a possible second place finish down to a fifth place finish.  The reigning champion is already looking forward to Sunday’s race with high hopes and optimism.

As noted from Red Bull GRC, newcomer manufacturer Honda ended up with both of its Civic Coupes in the main event. Drivers Joni Wiman finished second in his semifinal and Sebastian Eriksson placed second in the last chance qualifier. Wiman, who earned the 2014 Red Bull GRC Championship is in his third year with Olsbergs MSE, earned a sixth-place result in the event.


Miki Weckstrom of Olsbergs MSE X Forces earned podium in his first-ever start in the series.  He was able to hold off  DirtFish Motorsports’ Conner Martell and AF Racing’s Christian Brooks for a first-ever Lites podium in the event.

Red Bull Global Rallycross Phoenix (I) results are as follows:

  1. Tanner Foust, #34 Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Beetle
  2. Patrik Sandell, #18 Bryan Herta Rallysport Ford Fiesta ST
  3. Brian Deegan, #38 Chip Ganassi Racing Ford Fiesta ST
  4. Steve Arpin, #00 Chip Ganassi Racing Ford Fiesta ST
  5. Scott Speed, #41 Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Beetle
  6. Joni Wiman, #31 Honda Red Bull Olsbergs MSE Civic Coupe
  7. Jeff Ward, #07 SH Rallycross/DRR Ford Fiesta ST
  8. Rhys Millen, #67 Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Veloster
  9. Sebastian Eriksson, #93 Honda Red Bull Olsbergs MSE Civic Coupe
  10. Austin Dyne, #14 AD Racing Ford Fiesta ST
  11. Sebastian Saavedra, #77 AD Racing Ford Fiesta


Info source:  Red Bull Global Rallycross


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