Global Rallycross Rookie Report


A Review of the Current List of Red Bull Global Rallycross Rookies

Emma Gilmour joins Rhys Millen (pictured) and Tyler Benson on the RMR Rallycross team.

Emma Gilmour joins Rhys Millen and Tyler Benson on the RMR Rallycross team.

Emma Gilmour, the first female driver in Global Rallycross history, has joined Rhys Millen Racing for the full 2014 season. Gilmour is a successful rally driver from New Zealand, where Millen is from as well. The team will run Hyundai Veloster SuperCars with backing from Hyundai again this year. Tyler Benson will join the team in the GRC Lites category.

Gilmour has been competing in rally since 2002 and plans to continue competing in the New Zealand rallies this season as well. She also owns a Suzuki dealership in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Sarah Burgess is the second female in GRC, making her debut at X Games Austin. Burgess is originally from Australia but moved to the U.S. to pursue her racing dreams. She runs her own team, BMI Racing, along with her husband. She’ll drive a Chevy Sonic.


Patrik Sandell (left) and Joni Wiman will both take on SuperCars for OlsbergsMSE – photo from

Joni Wiman will make his SuperCar debut this year after dominating the GRC Lites last year, winning every race. He earned himself a seat in an OlsbergsMSE Ford Fiesta and will run alongside teammate Patrik Sandell.

Austin Dyne will race in SuperCars with Barracuda Racing.

Austin Dyne takes the track at the Red Bull Global Rallycross Media Day in his Ford Fiesta photo by QNIGAN

Austin Dyne takes the track at the Red Bull Global Rallycross Media Day in his Ford Fiesta
photo by QNIGAN

Dyne competed in GRC Lites last year, earning one podium finish, and raced a full season in stock cars at the same time. For 2014 he’ll concentrate on just rallycross, driving the OlsbergsMSE-built Ford Fiesta driven by Scott Speed last year.


Danny Way, legendary skateboarder, takes on Rallycross
photo from Zimbio

Danny Way, legendary skateboarder, is jumping in the Rallycross with a Prodrive Mini. Following in the footsteps of Travis Pastrana and Brian Degan, Way hopes his Xtreme athletic abilities will transfer over to the race track.

Austin Cindric and Blake Fuller will share a GRC Lites car on the Go Puck/Nightrain Global Rallycross Team. Due to time constraints neither will run a full season.


Blake Fuller (pictured) will share a GRC Lites car with Austin Cindric – photo from RBGRC

Fuller comes from the rally side of car racing, having been named Pike’s Peak Rookie of the Year in 1999 and then winning the race in 2002. Fuller owns Braille Battery, which produces lightweight battery units for cars in Indy and GRC Lites. He also owns Go Puck, which produces mobile USB battery chargers.

Cindric is the 15-year-old son of Penske president Tim Cindric. He’ll compete in several different series this year. His older brother, Tanner, a high school senior, owns the apparel company Nightrain and is one of Austin’s sponsors.

Fuller and Cindric will compete against returning Lites drivers Mitchell de Jong, Geoffrey Sykes, Kevin Eriksson, and Brent Lee.

4 Biggest GRC Announcements

Red Bull Global Rallycross

by Karen Dolley

At the 2014 Media Day held at the Port of Los Angeles this past Wednesday, Red Bull Global Rallycross had drivers, partners, and media on hand. They also had a lot of exciting announcements to share.

They’ve been promising that 2014 would be an ‘epic’ year and they weren’t kidding!

1. New Logo/BrandingRed Bull Global Rallycross Logo

We learned at the end of last season that Red Bull would partner with GRC to sponsor the series. This week they released a new logo featuring both entities.

And according to some of the attendees of the media day, it was a high energy, celebrity-filled affair you’d expect from the name behind so many extreme athletes.

2. Party in D.C!

As if attending a RBGRC event isn’t enough on its own, Volkswagen and Andretti Sports Marketing will create a weekend of festivities for those attending the Washington D.C. round on June 21-22: Live music, food, entertainment, VIP club, and of course star drivers Tanner Foust and Scott Speed, who are sponsored by VW and Andretti. The event will be held on the grounds of RFK Stadium.

Red Bull Global Rallycross

Joni Wiman with his OlsbergsMSE Red Bull Ford
Photo by QNIGAN

3. Speaking of Red Bull…

OlsbergsMSE, the winningest team in RBGRC, will also partner with Red Bull this season. The OMSE drivers this year are Joni Wiman, who aced the inaugural season of GRC Lites last year, and rally champion Patrik Sandell, returning for his second year. (No word on whether OMSE will get a new logo and change their name to Red Bull OlsbergsMSE… )

4. NBC Partners Up

RBGRC and NBC Sports signed a two-year deal for NBC to air up to nine races each year. Though this had been previously announced, it was added that NBC Sports will replay the races and all content will be streamed on NBC Sports Live Extra, available for mobile devices.

Also, the delightful Townsend Bell will join Tes Sewell, X-Fighters and X Games columnist, as a play-by-play analyst. (I’ll miss Jen Horsey, but will keep an open mind. - KD)Port of LA in sunset photo from Port of Los Angeles

Bonus news:  The Port of Los Angeles will be the site of round 8 of RBGRC, which should an awesome spectacle!


4 Big Rallycross News Bits

 by Karen Dolley

Four important news bits from the last week or so…RMR Racing Millen and Gilmour cropped

1. The First Female GRC Driver

Exciting news from Rhys Millen Racing yesterday: Rhys has taken on a teammate, fellow Kiwi rally driver Emma Gilmour, who will be the first female driver to compete in Red Bull Global Rallycross. Another woman, Sarah Burgess of Australia, is also expected to join GRC this year.

“Going to America to race in a professional series with a professional team like Rhys Millen Racing is hard to believe,” said Gilmour. “It’s a true privilege to be the first female driver in the GRC series.”

RMR has also re-joined forces with Hyundai to drive freshly tuned turbo-charged Velosters. See more details and the 2014 GRC schedule.


2. X Games Austin Invites 19 Drivers

The coveted X Games invites were announced last week with 19 rallycross drivers on the list. Here’s what we know:

  • Tanner Foust and his teammate Scott Speed will debut the VW Super Beetle with Volkswagen-Andretti Rallycross.
  • Travis Pastrana, who returned to rally this year, will join the Subaru team of Bucky Lasek and former Euro RX Champ Sverre Isachsen.
  • Representing OlsbergsMSE is Patrik Sandell and last year’s GRC Lites champion, Joni Wiman.
  • Ken Block is expected to be there in all his crazy glory.
  • Rhys Millen and the first female GRC driver, Emma Gilmour of New Zealand, will compete in Rhys Millen Racing-prepared Hyundai Velosters.
  • Pat Moro and his manufacturer-backed Chevy Sonic will be in attendance. Contrary to some reports, Sarah Burgess of Australia will not be on Moro’s team, but she’s expected to drive her own GM-supported Chevy Sonic.
  • Coming off the line in the final at X Games L.A.

    Coming off the line in the final at X Games L.A. 2013

We’re still waiting on details for several drivers:

  • Sarah Burgess, a drifter from Australia, has accepted the invitation and should announce more details this week.
  • Torque News reported that Steve Arpin and Brian Deegan would both drive Ford Fiesta STs, but neither has released any details of their upcoming season.
  • Brazilan Nelson Piquet Jr. has said he’ll run a full Global Rallycross season. Last year he drove a Mitsubishi Lancer.
  • Guiga Spinelli is on the list, but no other news about what he’ll drive.
  • Austin Dyne, who drove in GRC Lites last year, is rumored to drive a Ford, but no details have been released.
  • Bryce Menzies, who teamed with Pastrana Racing last year, may drive with Subaru.
  • Dave Mirra has not confirmed that he will compete or in what car.

    Danny Way (left) will compete in the Suzuki Swift race at Lydden Hill this weekend.

Side note: Not on the invitee list is Danny Way, who is scheduled to drive the full season in a Prodrive Mini. We learned yesterday that Way will make his rallycross debut at the first round of the British Rallycross Championship at Lydden Hill in the Suzuki Swift event.

And news from Europe:

3. Grosset-Janin Joins EuroRX

Reigning French Rallycross champion Jerome Grosset-Janin announced his intention to compete in Euro RX this season with a Renault Clio Supercar. He will also join the World Rallycross event at his home track of Loheac, France.

Grosset-Janin is part of the French-based team Chanoine Competition, led by team manager Philippe Chanoine. “Our main target is to do well in Europe but also to finish with a good result at our home race in Loheac, which will hopefully help us to find new partners to enter World RX in 2015,” said Chanoine.

Fabien Pailler photo from RallycrossWorld/AFOR

Fabien Pailler
photo from RallycrossWorld/AFOR

4. Pailler Brothers to Attack French Rallycross Championship

ERC24 reports this morning that Fabien and Jonathan Pailler will compete for the French Rallycross Championship title. Fabien will be driving a new Peugeot 208 Supercar, while younger brother Jonathan will drive last year’s Peugeot.

Additionally, Fabien will also compete in at least two World Rallycross events – Lydden Hill and his home track of Loheac, France. More World RX events are possible.

Fabien and Jonathan are the sons of 1993 Euro RX Champion Jean-Luc Pailler.

Burgess & Gilmour: The First Female Drivers in GRC

Global Rallycross
by Linda Olsen and Karen Dolley

Australian Sarah Burgess and New Zealander Emma Gilmour will be the first female rallycross drivers in Global Rallycross.

Global Rallycross Hyundai

Sarah Burgess
photo by

When X Games Austin released the list of invited rallycross drivers for the big event in June, it contained the usual suspects: Tanner Foust, Ken Block, and Travis Pastrana, to name a few.

But two surprising names were on the list: Sarah Burgess and Emma Gilmour. Yes, women!

Also surprising because neither one has ever driven in rallycross.

Upon hearing this news, Rallycross360 immediately connected with both drivers and confirmed they both will not only compete in X Games, but will join Global Rallycross for the full season.

Gilmour, a rally driver in New Zealand, will debut in the first GRC event in Barbados on May 24. She’s joined the racing team of fellow Kiwi Rhys Millen and the pair will be driving modified Hyundai Veloster Supercars.

Rhys Millen Racing is once again joining forces with Hyundai for the GRC ten-event season, running a two-car team with Millen himself in the other Veloster driver’s seat.

Global Rallycross

Emma Gilmour

Gilmour has been competing in rally since 2002 and plans to continue competing in the New Zealand rallies this season as well. She also owns a Suzuki dealership in Dunedin, New Zealand.

“I have to keep pinching myself,” Gilmour is quoted as saying on “Going to America to race in a professional series with a professional team like Rhys Millen Racing is hard to believe. It’s a true privilege to be the first female driver in the GRC series.”

Aussie Sarah Burgess now lives in Southern California with husband Adam and daughter Bridget. Though she competed in drifting in Australia, she found limited opportunities. But in America, she knew she could make her company BMI Racing successful and become a full-time competitor.

Burgess and her husband built their own drifting car in Australia and ran their own team. She’ll join GRC at X Games Austin, missing the first event in Barbados.

Interestingly, Gilmour and Burgess don’t know each other and didn’t know that another woman would be debuting this year as well – until we told them. They were both quite surprised and pleased.

“I had heard that there may or may not be another female running. I certainly wasn’t expecting someone from New Zealand, which is certainly very cool,” Burgess told us.

2014 Global Rallycross Schedule

DATE           CITY
May 18        Top Gear Festival Barbados
June 7         Austin, TX (X Games)
June 22       Washington DC
July 20         New York, NY
July 26         Charlotte, NC
August 3      Detroit, MI
August 23    Daytona, FL
Sept 20        Los Angeles, CA
Sept 27        Seattle, WA
Nov 5           Las Vegas, NV

Linda Olsen

About Linda Olsen

Linda has always loved the sound of a good engine. She first noticed cars in junior high and later watched her high school boyfriend work on them. Her dad was a state trooper and taught her invaluable driving skills. A fan of rally and rallycross, Linda writes and manages social media for Rallycross360. In her free time she goes to local races with her husband and little boy.

Mats & Emil Ohman Join Euro RX

Ohman, Mats Rallycross

Mats Ohman will drive a Citroen DS3 custom-fitted with arm and hand controls

by Karen Dolley

Mats and Emil Ohman announced today they’ll compete in the FIA European Rallycross Championship at the wheel of two Citroen DS3 Supercars.

Mats Ohman is a European and Swedish snowcross-champion-turned-rallycrosser. He’ll be driving the car that Timmy Hansen successfully drove last year, though now fitted to meet his specific physical needs. Mats became paralyzed from the waist down after breaking his neck in a snowmobile accident in 1998. The car will be controlled with custom hand and arm controls.

The 49-year-old Swede took up rallycross after the accident that left him wheelchair bound and won the runner-up place in the Swedish Rallycross Championship last year.

For the 2014 season Mats will compete in eight of the 12 rounds of World RX: Great Britain, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and France.


Emil Ohman, champion snowcrosser – photo from

Emil Ohman is Mats’ nephew and has followed in his uncle’s extreme sport footsteps.  Emil is also a champion snowcrosser with two gold medals and two silver medals in the World Championships. He’ll make his rallycross debut by competing in the five Euro RX events. ”It will be so much fun trying my wings in World RX,” he said.

For more information on the World RX and Euro RX Championships see our dedicated pages.

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