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Driver of the Week: Anton Marklund

Anton Marklund
Anton Marklund gets ready for his X Games L.A. debut.

Anton Marklund gets ready for his X Games L.A. debut.

by Linda Olsen & Karen Dolley

After winning two championships in Europe last year, Anton Marklund was ready to take on a new challenge.

And that challenge is the global X Games.

This 21-year-old Swede is no stranger to challenges, especially involving vehicles.  At two and half years old he had his first driving experience with an ATV. Since that time, he has driven everything from motorcycles to mining machines and heavy construction equipment to, of course, cars. Specifically, rally cars.

Anton got his first taste of rallycross at age 15 and by the age of 17, he had won fourth place in the 2150 Cup and was the only underage driver in the event.  Last year he won the 2012 European Rallycross TouringCar Champion.  He also won the 2012 Race of Austrian Champions.

This year will be Anton’s first year racing in three Global X Games, driving the #92 Volkswagen Polo R SuperCar.  Anton will continue racing in the European Rallycross Championship as well, where he is currently ranked sixth.

“I think all the guys who will be competing at X Games are seriously good and it will be hard to beat all of them,” Anton said “but to race against people like Foust, Pastrana, and Ken Block, its fantastic and a dream for me.”

Anton Marklund's #92 VW Polo

Anton Marklund’s #92 VW Polo

Anton is part of the Marklund Motorsports team. “Jan Marklund, my dad, has been running teams in European Rallycross for many years with different drivers, a silver medal in Supercars 2008 being his best result.” Anton explained. “When I jumped into the drivers seat in 2011 we decided that the name Marklund Motorsport would be right for the team”.

When the Rallycross season is over, Anton, who lives in the northern part of Sweden, spends time snowmobiling and playing ice hockey.

Stay tuned – we have an exclusive interview with Anton to share with you next week!
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